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Britt || 23 || she/her || Aries
Texas based artist constantly dabbling in new things while working the family ranch.

When I'm not doing art or running cattle, I'm training and hauling my barrel horses all over the country. I'm also working on becoming a multi-certified equine massage therapist along with starting up a equine products business.


Prices & Examples

All prices and available tiers listed are subject to change at any time.
Current prices and tiers reflect my initial site launch comfortability until I feel adjustments need to be made.

All examples shown are just that, examples. My style is constantly being tweaked, so pieces will be similar but never exactly the same as shown here.

Feral art only at this time.
Equine, Bovine, Cervine characters are my comfort zone, but feel free to send other species. Note: I still may decline if I feel they are out of my wheelhouse.


Headshot - $15
Style is always changing. These are just some examples of what it could look like.

Fullbody - $tbd

Currently Closed

Spindly- $25 for the first 5 orders
One character
Potential charge for wings
This is a new "sub-style" that I have started playing around with that I really, really enjoy. It's whimsical, freeing, and pretty low stress from the limited works I've done so far. First 5 to order this option will claim a slot at the introductory price.

Nicky Squishy

Squishy - $25+
Up to 2 interacting characters (second 1/2 price)
Complexity charges may apply
Another fun "sub-style" I've been working on that just make me giddy for those stunning beefy characters in our lives. My guy Nicky is one of those, which is also why he gets the spotlight here.
(His new design is still in progress at the moment. This is simply quick added to show off this commission option.)

Chibi Fullbody- $25+
Up to 2 interacting characters at this time (second 1/2 price)
Complexity charges may apply

Pin - $10

Bouncing Icon - $tbd
Will typically be 200x200 or smaller

✦Currently Closed for Reworking✦

Expression Sheet - $tbd
Will include at least one fullbody and 2 headshots

✦Currently Closed✦


Experimental - $tbd
This section is subject to updates when I get a wild hair and want some willing volunteers to work with me through the crazy artistic process. This could end up being anything from new style attempts, new commission tier trial runs, design testing, traditional works, etc. The possibilities are endless for what could pop up in here.

✦Currently Closed✦
A new button will also appear below when this tier is open.
More info will be available in my Discord server.


Page Under Construction

Prices & Examples



Chibi Concept Design - $tbd

✦Currently Closed for Reworking✦

Terms of Service

Whether you purchase art from me directly or obtain it through other means, you are automatically subject to my Terms of Service listed below.
Notice: Failure to abide by my TOS can and will result in a public blacklisting.

Payment Info

I only accept payment through PayPal ($USD).
I’ll send over an invoice once a commission has been requested and accepted. Work will not begin until payment is received.

I will allow a full refund to be requested and accepted only if a sketch has not been started. After the sketch stage has begun, any cancellation of commission will result in a refund of 50% of the original pricing. If a refund is issued, I reserve the right to progress forward with said sketch to create a single slot ych for others to purchase.
I will not issue a refund for any work that has passed the sketch stage.

Be aware that pricing is simply a guideline. If the character you are providing is particularly challenging, I may upcharge for their complexity. These price shifts will be discussed upon requesting a commission.


My To-Do list is listed on my Trello and discord server.
Commissions are typically finished oldest first, but I do not always stick to that guideline.

Most commissions will be finished within a couple hours to 1 month after your order has been officially placed. This is all dependent on my current queue, the complexity of the commission, and my offline responsibilities. I help run a family cattle ranch and spend most of the days out there handling the day to day while also squeezing time in to keep my performance horses working, so I can’t always guarantee time frames. I do my best to keep clients in the loop with updates on their commissions and any timeline changes.

At the current period, I am most versed in feral characters that are equine, cervine, or bovine in nature. If you’d like to reach out for a commission of another species, I will look into them to see my comfort level with them, but will most likely still decline at this moment. Since I am not yet confident in my artistic abilities involving wings, characters with these appendages are more likely to be either declined or upcharged.

Special Deals, Discounts, and Experimental commissions will only be available on my discord at unspecified times.

All Lined pieces will include both a sketch and color stage update at minimum. This means that you will have the opportunity to request changes at the sketch stage and request color changes at the ink + flat color stage. You may also special request a lining stage update if you would like to check on the artwork’s progression between the ink and color stages. Note: Once a stage has been confirmed to move forward, it can no longer be edited.

I will not draw anything NSFW. A minimal to medium amount of gore is okay.

Once I reach out to confirm your commission, you have a week to answer or your reserved spot in the queue will be removed. Once the week is up, you will be notified and be left to fill out a new order form, if you wish to reserve another spot at a later date.
If this happens a second time, you will be placed on a no-order blacklist for an unspecified amount of time and your commissions server role will be removed, leaving you also subject to potential removal of the server entirely.

Artist Permissions

As the artist, I reserve rights to any image I create in its entirety. I am allowed to post and share my artwork without restrictions to my site and any/all of my social platforms, save for special circumstances discussed upon accepting a commission (waiting for someone’s birthday). If such a case is not specified beforehand, I retain the right to post the artwork whenever I see fit.

I reserve the right to decline any character in a commission request if I feel they are out of my wheelhouse, whether that be the complexity, species, or for the particular commission requested.
If at any time during the commission process I feel I can’t do a character justice, I may reach out for another character to be provided or offer a refund.

These rights are held under all of my online and offline aliases. These are only: Brittany Doty, Brittstorm, brittstorm29, and britts_lair. Any other individual claiming to own rights to my work will be subject to any and all actions needed to protect myself as the artist (including those of legal action).

Client Permissions

You may post my artwork to character storing sites with proper credit to me as the artist.

You may not remove my watermark, claim my artwork as your own, or edit/draw over the artwork I provide unless permission has been granted to do so.

You may not resell or use my artwork for any commercial purposes unless it has been previously discussed or I have specifically sold the artwork with that intent in mind (ex: adoptable base).

Regarding Blockchain Technology

Nothing made by me, the artist, may be used in any blockchain-related technology, including, but not limited to, NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space. Under no circumstances should my creations be used in this way. Should I find any of my work being used in this way, I will take any and all action (including legal action) to protect myself and my work.


As a general rule of thumb, you may not resell designs for more than you originally paid for it. In addition, if/when you sell a design, you must notify me or one of my discord server’s moderators of the new owner, as I’d like to keep track of them.

If a design has additional artwork pieces that you paid for, and you would like to add their price to their official resale price/worth, please reach out to me or one of my server moderators to confirm the new price. Note: On a typical basis (to avoid flipping), I do not honor price/worth changes based on the reseller’s own artwork additions, though I retain the right to make exceptions as I see fit.

When a design is traded, their worth will be adjusted in regards to the worth of the design you are trading for.
If it is a straight across trade (both designs created by me), your new design will retain the worth of your original design. For example, if you trade a bargain bin design worth $20 for one worth $100, the design you have acquired is now worth $20, and the design the other person received is now worth $100.
For trades involving another designer, I don’t have the rights to adjust the worth of another artist’s creation. On my end, the design I created will gain the worth of the other.
For unusual trades (including but not limited to: three ways, multiple designs for one, etc), please contact me for further assistance for official changes in design worth.

Designs obtained through giveaways and other special circumstances will be unable to be gifted, traded, or sold, regardless of art added to it. In these instances, if you ever wish to get rid of the design, I or one of my server moderators must be notified. The design will then return to me so that I can, more than likely, raffle it off to another community member.

When you acquire one of my designs, you are welcome to edit it as much or as little as you’d like, though there are some specifics for that to keep things fair and in order.
As mentioned in the section above, you may not draw on or edit my artwork, and I must be properly credited for the original.
The original design created by me must always be kept with and sold/traded/gifted with the new edited or redesigned version. This means that you may not sell/trade/gift a design with the intention of keeping only the new/redesigned version for yourself without my explicit permission.
Only exception to the previous rule: if you feel the two designs have reached a point where they are far enough apart to the point that no one looking at the two would notice and see a connection, please reach out to me or one of my discord server’s moderators to discuss separating them.

I don’t allow my designs to be transferred into closed breeds unless I have explicitly given you the permission to do so.

I will take on commissions to redesign a current design, but please make sure the original designer is okay with it, and it doesn’t break their TOS. I will reach out and ask.

If you decide to offer/bid on a design I have posted without having the funds and then pull your bid out, you will receive a warning about the action. If this behavior happens a second time, you will be placed on the blacklist.
In addition, if you win a sale/auction/raffle and then proceed to ignore/ghost my messages for over a week, your claim to the design will be revoked with a warning, if it is repeated at a later date. Like the above, if this happens a second time, you will be blacklisted and your design claim role in my server will be removed. These actions also leave you subject to complete removal from my server.
Another caution to note: If you contact another potential buyer/bidder at any time before, during, or after a sale/auction/raffle for the sole purpose of intimidation, harassment, or manipulation of any kind that could affect their decision to bid/buy, you will be blacklisted from any and all future sales and removed from my server. The method of communication (comment thread, notes, dms, etc) is irrelevant and will be treated with the same level of severity.
These actions above are done to ensure that I do my best to run safe and fair sales/auctions/raffles for all those involved in them, be it me or any of my clients/followers.

Since noticing a string of breeding grids gaining popularity, I decided to address that here in my TOS, too. I do not allow my designs to be used in “breeding grids/sheets” or to create “foal designs” based on my design for any sort of profit.
However, you are always welcome to commission or design family members for any of your personal characters.

Important Notes/Warnings:

Proper Credits: [Brittstorm - TH] {Brittstorm - DA] [britts_lair - IG]

It goes without saying, but if you are blacklisted from both major forms of my commission work, you will surely be removed and banned from my discord server, amongst other actions as I see fit.
Note: Any blacklisting opens you up to the opportunity to be removed and banned from the server.

All rules and regulations of this Terms of Service go into effect as of September 24th, 2021. Any artwork/design created before this date follows the honor system. All artwork/design posted from this date onward will have rules and regulations enforced.

Your Character Here

I decided to do something a little different on the site and have a year-round YCH page that's easily accessible for potential customers. Some YCHs will only be open certain times of the year, others will be limited booking.
First unlimited slots YCH should be released soon made just for featuring those adorable couples.

Page Under Construction


Links to bases will be here along with where to send payment for them